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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-428-9304.

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
Mrs. J. MacLean Principal 53251
Mrs. P. Chin Secretary 53250
Mrs. P. Papagni Kindergarten 41029
Mrs. M. Gravanis Kindergarten  
Mrs. N. Romani Grade 1/2 41013
Mrs. E. Delaney Grade 1 41012
Mrs. A. Richard Grade 2 41011
Mrs. C. Morgan Grade 2/3 41059
Mrs. S. Trombatore Grade 3/4  
Mrs. H. Brady Grade 4 41998
Mr. K. Harvey Grade 4/5 41015
Ms. L. McMahon Grade 5/6  

Mrs. K. Brunnock

Grade 6 41019
Ms. T. Hoffman Grade 7 41016
Mrs. K. Darllington Grade 7 41026

Mrs. K. Fischer

Grade 8


Mrs. S. Whitney

Grade 8


Mrs. S. Nyberg

Early Childhood Educator

Mrs. C. Thompson Early Childhood Educator 41018
Mrs. C. Bazley-Curran Early Childhood Educator 42243
Mrs. H. Collins Librarian 41022

Mrs. S. Palumbo

Program Support 53256
Ms. K. Dewhirst Educational Assistant 41028
Mrs. J. Gill Educational Assistant 40970
Mrs. I. Kamenicka Educational Assistant 41031
Mrs. M. Kushner Educational Assistant 41810
Mrs. S. Wall Educational Assistant 42360
Ms. K. McMillan Educational Assistant  
Ms. E. Peddie Educational Assistant  
Mr. K. James Educational Assistant  
Mr. S. Maguire Educational Assistant  
Mme. M. DeMambro French Teacher 42338
Mme. K. Coates French Teacher 42359
Mrs. C. Campigotto Prep Teacher 41032
Mr. K. Hui Prep Teacher 42345
Mr. B. Harrison Custodian 53258
Mrs. Z. Prokop Custodian 41033

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